United Families Visit

Chamber Secretary Peter Davies paid Luke, Jason and colleagues a visit to see how things were going for plans to help families in crisis for Christmas.

The hardworking team will be working flat out the last two weeks of the year sacrificing a lot of time and energy to try to make sure people felt supported with Christmas food, power credit and friendly advice.

United Families do want to make further links with businesses to see if any of them can help them achieve their goals and aims for 2023, they will be looking for volunteers and donations throughout the year so call 01304 799997 if you can help or visit 17-23 Queen Street, Deal CT14 6ET.

Peter Davies said “I know what it is like when you need help, it’s just great to see a group of people so dedicated to helping, I will do what I can to forge some useful links for the hardworking team at United Families.”