Stranger in the Window

Stranger in the Window competition is back!

The competition runs from 20th July to 13th August where all completed forms have to be handed into Skinners Electricals for marking by Saturday 13th August

The Chamber’s Summer favourite for children, families and the elderly called “Stranger in the Window” is back.

For an advertising spend of only £10, a business can guarantee to have lots of people looking closely at what they do sell while competitors are trying to spot what they do not sell.

Every year we do have a number of children taking part, we also have adults and elderly couples or individuals doing the competition, the prize money is as follows:

• £70 for first prize
• £25 for second prise
• £15 for third prize.

It only costs £1 for an entry form so the prize money represents a good return for money with the added bonus of the exercise you get walking around to find the item.

The entry forms will be available from newsagents JJ Woods 11, High Street
and Skinners Electricals at 70, High Street when the competition starts on 21st July.

To help entrants we are also publishing 10 clues each week for the entrants to help them with their task of finding all the strangers and this is available at



Hello competitors, the following shops have their strangers featuring in the word search below them:

  • Castle Removals
  • Joanne Harmer
  • Jenkins & Son
  • Biggs Optician
  • Savers
  • JJ Prentis
  • Deal Beach Parlour
  • JJ Woods
  • Clockwork Pharmacy
  • Walmer Tiles

Word Search 2022


Hello competitors, below are 10 annagrams – letter jumbled up! They are strangers in ten of the shops you are visiting:

1. Linden Hall Studios – my eskimo cue
2. Beautiful Homes – brazilian word
3. Maxteds Pet, Aquatic & Garden – bifocals peashooter
4. Two’s Company – chorused foil
5. H &H Flooring – rematch starfish
6. Simmonds – dangerous rein
7. The Seagull – bucked burr
8. Little Harriet’s – ditch scrams
9. Mark 1 Music – leaked nancey
10. Colebrook Sturrock – badger renaming


Hello competitors, below are 10 words that are missing vowels and they are strangers in ten of the shops you are visiting:

  1. Campbells of Deal Ltd – T_y / M_t_rb_k_
  2. Merrygardens – T_n / _f / S_rd_n_s
  3. Zoom Photos – P_rc_l / T_p_
  4. Jillys Drycleaners – Sp_d_r / Br_ _ach
  5. Bonne Bombe – W_ _d_n / Cl_th_s / P_g
  6. Farsim Collection Boutique – W_ _d_n M_ _s_e
  7. Bank House Property – R_d / Tr_ck
  8. The Pet Food Shop –  P_nk / S_ngl_ss_s
  9. States of Walmer – G_lf / B_ll
  10. The Goodwins Veterinary Surgery – B_x / _f / C_p / _ / S_ _p

Results coming after 16th March 2022!!

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