Action on Hearing

Action on Hearing Loss plan is to encourage those businesses who already have loops to participate in their Louder than Words Charter which is a benchmarking process as set out in their commercial brochure.

Action on Hearing Loss is the trading name of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf and they have over a hundred years of experience in dealing with the welfare of deaf people who also suffer from other disabilities.

The Chamber is supportive of inclusion of everyone that wants to shop in Deal and Walmer, especially those customers that are hard of hearing, we would refer any business interested in having equipment installed to their business to

Click Here to see more, you can also see their Access Solutions Brochure by Clicking Here.

They support deaf people nationally to live independently as this is one of the primary functions of their facility in Margate and they run 60 homes, one in Canterbury.

Apart from campaigning and trying to influence government policy, they are also very active in:

  • Campaigning and Lobbying, with help of members, to change laws and government policies
  • Providing information and raising awareness of deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus
  • Giving training courses and consultancy on deafness and disability
  • Offering communication services including sign language interpreters
  • Making lasting change in education for deaf children and young people
  • Supporting deaf people into work with the organisations employment programmes
  • Providing care services for deaf and hard of hearing people with additional needs
  • Social and Medical and technical research

For more information call 01304 373 522 or 07966 460199 and speak to Lorraine Campbell or visit their website, Click Here.