Customer Access

The Chamber are fully supportive of any initiative that supports access to all when it comes to shopping, below are some items of advice for traders when considering accessibility for all:

Customers that are hard of hearing
Action on Hearing Loss plan is to encourage those businesses who already have loops to participate in their Louder than Words Charter which is a benchmarking process as set out in their commercial brochure.

For more information on how your business can help those customers affected by hearing loss,Click Here

Deal Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme
The Deal Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is designed to help mothers by re-assuring them that they can go out to shop and eat out as they did before they had their baby, and therefore increase the likelihood that they will choose to and continue to breastfeed

For more information on how your business can help breastfeeding mothers,Click Here

Customers that are affected by sight impairment

Customers with alzheimers

Customers with dementia

Customers that are epeleptic