New recruits at Goose on the Green Café

New recruits at Goose on the Green Café owners

Ex P&O chefs Ian Burford and James Amos, Café owners Alistair Bassett and Lisa Dixon-Bassett, the logo of a popular Facebook Group

New recruits at Goose on the Green Café 2

Deal & Walmer Businesses and People, Always There to Help!
Following the disgraceful decision by P & O to get rid of 800 loyal employees, it was refreshing to see Chamber members and other businesses rally round to help some of the jobless rebound straight back into a job, the Chamber would like to commend these businesses for their compassion shown.

Alistair Bassett the owner of Goose on the Green Café, Walmer said: “Many of the P&O staff are ideal for the local hospitality industry as their skills are immediately transferable.  We have been contacted by three or four local chefs in response to our social media posts and we have now taken on two of them full time in our award winning café.”

The two new staff have a combined total of over thirty years galley experience with P&O working on various liners, they are a perfect fit for the Goose on the Green business model. Alistair Bassett urges all local businesses to grasp this opportunity as he is sure all of these ex-employees will be snapped up quickly.

A crisis in Ukraine has encouraged many Deal and Walmer businesses to help in any way possible; we can proudly say that a number of Chamber businesses are at the head of these efforts for aid provision. The Facebook page Deal Kent Ukraine appeal is an inspiration to all those wanting to help this innocent nation of Ukraine have the bare necessities to get by in their hour of need.

Most businesses and members of the public are just getting over all the struggles that a Covid lockdown brought yet they see a worthy humanitarian cause and they are onto it raising money, gathering vital supplies and getting them there without a thought to the past, it’s just what Deal and Walmer is all about!


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