Jenkinson Estates/Deal Rental Bureau News

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Established in 1990, Deal Rental Bureau was the first dedicated and fully independent residential lettings specialist for Deal and the surrounding areas. After the business was purchased in 2016 it has successfully continued as Deal Rental Bureau but under the wing and sister company of Jenkinson Estates.

After six years and the implementation of many new working practises, enhancements to marketing and the whole change in ethos of the business, the business owners are excited to announce the incorporation of Deal Rental Bureau into the Jenkinson Estates brand.

Jenkinson Estates Lettings will continue to focus solely on providing a bespoke, comprehensive and credible service for landlords and tenants alike. Whilst Jenkinson Estates will continue to provide an award winning and market leading estate agency. Although under the same brand, the businesses will continue to offer expertise in their own right, not blurring the directive and diluting the effectiveness of each respective business.

Jenkinson Estates Lettings will continue to offer services to suit their clients, and can tailor a service which is right for them, the last 30 years as Deal Rental Bureau have been successful; with the reputation and drive to continue improving the business, service and marketing as Jenkinson Estates Lettings they are confident that the next 30 years will be something to look forward to.