Green Environmental Page in the Mercury

For the past 18 months, our Secretary Peter Davies has been talking with the environmental groups, DDC and DTC about the high street and the environment; he had an idea that would be good for all parties mentioned and for the high street and our members.

Using the Deal Trade Page as an example that comes out once a month, he thought it was fitting to have a page in the Mercury about the environment, he felt this page will be well read and it will be full of interesting contributions from the councils and environment groups.

With our Trade Page there are 8 advertising slots at the bottom of it, the adverts are at a reduced rate for Chamber Members, the advertising ensures that the page features each month, our members will also have exclusive first come first serve privilege on the environmental page.

If there are any companies with green credentials or if your business would like to support the initiative and you would be interested in appearing on the page as an advertiser, be it a tile advert or a ¼ page advert including an editorial please let Peter Davies know so that he can pass your details onto the Mercury.

The Chamber would also be allowed to write an article about how our members are green etc so please get your words and images ready to submit to Peter so that when this page starts we can be a part of this and gain recognition for our members that are making efforts to help save this planet.

Please call 07540 973162 and speak to secretary Peter Davies or e-mail him at